Submitted Position Papers

  1. Open Government Data: approaches, concerns and barriers, lessons learned by José Manuel Alonso (CTIC)
  2. English summary Position paper PSI The Netherlands by Imke Arts-Vrijling (Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, The Netherlands)
  3. Facilitation the publication of Open Governmental Data with the LOD2 Stack by Sören Auer, Michael Martin, Phillip Frischmuth (Universität Leipzig); Bastiaan Deblieck (Tenforce)
  4. Recommendations for formats for PSI re-use by Francois Bancilhon (ISM and Data Publica)
  5. Organisational and Societal Obstacles to Implementations of Technical Systems Supporting PSI Re-Use by Nils Barnickel, Edzard Höfig, Jens Klessmann, Juan Soto (Fraunhofer FOKUS)
  6. Open Data need a vision of Smart Government by Tijs  van  den  Broek,  Bas  Kotterink,  Noor Huijboom, Wout Hofman and Stef van Grieken (TNO, Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research)
  7. EBU Answer to the EC public consultation on the PSI Directive by Guenaëlle Collet (EBU)
  8. Removing the roadblocks to a pan European market for Public Sector Information re-use by Paola Di Maio
  9. Creating an open ecosystem for fostering innovation with Public Sector Information (PSI): Open standards and open acces sto data driven innovation, by Roslyn Docktor, Jochen Friedrich, Peter Haggar, Diane Jordan, Arnaud Le Hors (IBM)
  10. Use Case: Geo Product Finder removing the roadblock from finding, licensing and acquiring INSPIRE data by Martijn van Exel (Geodan, the Netherlands) and Laila Aslesen (Norwegian Mapping Authority, Norway)
  11. ROSATTE Road Safety Attributes exchange infrastructure in Europe by Maxime Flament (ERTICO ITS Europe)
  12. Semantic Interoperability Centre Europe (SEMIC.EU) Bringing semantic interoperability to life, João Rodrigues Frade (PwC Belgium, on Behalf of the European Commission, DG for Informatics, Unit B2)
  13. Die Weiterverwendung der gemeinfreien Rechtsdatenbank juris by Thomas Fuchs
  14. – Combining public crime data with social media services by Andrew Garbett, Shaun Lawson, Ben Kirman, Conor Linehan, Jamie Wardman and Derek Foster (University of Lincoln, UK)
  15. Re-Use of Public Sector Information and the Spanish eGovernment Strategy 2011-2012 by Emilio García García (Ministry of Territorial Policy, Spain)
  16. The European Location Framework enabling the interoperability of geo-spatial PSI by Antti Jakobsson, David Overton (EuroGeographics)
  17. Legal interoperability – barriers to the harmonization of licences by Katleen Janssen (ICRI – K.U.Leuven – IBBT)
  18. Patterns of Sustainable Sharing Policy by Mike Linksvayer (Creative Commons)
  19. ArcticWeb and PSI Data by Erin Lynch (KADME)
  20. Building a pan-European platform to aggregate public procurement data and deliver commercial services for SMEs powered by open data by José Luis Marín, Ángel Marín, Mai Rodríguez (Gateway Strategic Consultancy Services); Ramon Calmeau (EXIS-TI); Jose Maria Alvarez, Jose Emilio Labra (Universidad de Oviedo)
  21. Pioneering Scalable Innovation Clusters based on European PSI Directives by Tim McCarthy and Ronan Farrell (National University of Ireland, Moaynooth)
  22. New Zealand Open Government Data by Laurence Millar (Independent Advisor)
  23. Position Paper Pricing of PSI in the Meteorological Sector blocks market development by Richard Pettifer (PRIMET)
  24. Problems and solutions in a concrete case of Open Data by Hervé Rannou (ITEMS International)
  25. Proposal for a government resolution on improving the availability and promoting the reuse of public sector information resources in digital format submitted by Taru Rastas (Ministry of Transport and Communications, Finland)
  26. Role of telecommunication operators for open data by Marc Ribes (Orange Business Services)
  27. Towards a Federation of Government Metadata Repositories by Gofran Shukair (DERI), Nikos Loutas (DERI), Vassilios Peristeras (European Commission, DG DIGIT), Klaus Reichling (]init[ AG), Fadi Maali (DERI), Konstantinos tarabanis (University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki)
  28. Public Sector Information - a market without failure? by Donatella Solda-Kutzmann
  29. A true single market requires open access to public company information by Chris Taggart (
  30. Exploring the UK Open-PSI Community by Ramine Tinati, Susan Halford, Leslie Carr, Catherine Pope
  31. Position paper for the workshop: Removing the roadblocks to a pan European market for Public Sector Information re-use by Liv Vaisberg (Federation of European Publishers)
  32. A Wiki for Business Rules in Open Vocabulary, Executable English by Adrian Walker (Reengineering LLC)
  33. The UK Approach to Simple and Streamlined Licensing by Jim Wretham (The [UK] National Archives)

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