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Workshop: Removing the roadblocks to a pan European market for Public Sector Information re-use

Brussels, 10-11 May 2011

Submit a position paper

Deadline: 15 April 2011


Over the last two years, the publication of public sector data on the Web has picked up significant momentum.

Within the public sector information community, growing support for Open Data principles and technological choices such as Linked Data is emerging.

At the same time, others in the public sector information space are struggling with basic steps. Issues around data provenance, data quality, and the ability to mix public sector information across different countries (often generated for different purposes) are often ill-understood at this stage.

The Digital Agenda for Europe identifies public sector information as an important stimulant for content markets in the EU. It further identifies standards and interoperability as key enablers for the development of new applications.

This workshop is organized within the context of, a multistakeholder initiative toward the Digital Agenda for Europe initiated by W3C and ETSI. Workshop results will be presented at the Digital Agenda Assembly in Brussels (16/17 June 2011).

Goals and Scope

The purpose of this workshop is to survey experiences with the re-use of public sector information in Europe and beyond, with a focus on identifying critical obstacles to pan-European interoperability and to the development of pan-European services, and steps to address these obstacles. Workshop discussions are expected to focus on:

  • use cases that can help highlight missing enablers
  • technical standards and other technical enablers for interoperability, including metadata and vocabulary standards
  • legal and licensing principles concerning the sharing and re-use of public sector information

The results from this workshop will provide direction and give input into the development and standards communities’ further work on public sector information, and to policy makers. Key outcomes and use cases will be presented at the Digital Agenda Assembly on 16/17 June in Brussels.

Position Papers/topics of interest

Workshop participants must submit a 1-5 page position paper to <>.

The program committee will ask the submitters of particularly salient position papers to present their positions at the workshop. Accepted position papers will be published on the workshop Web site.

Topics for position papers include:

  • Use cases: applications that prove the value of applications based on PSI re-use and/or highlight some of the major stumbling blocks towards a pan-EU re-use.
  • Standards and key interoperability enablers for data, to enable the development and delivery of PSI related services in a device and platform independent, accessible, and cross-borders way:
    • data formats and frameworks
    • formats to enable the curation and integration of metadata for public sector data sets
    • practical obstacles toward the successful delivery of public sector information
    • emerging and proposed standards to track the authenticity and provenance of public sector information
    • the interaction between technical interoperability enablers and the economic impact of public sector information
  • Legal issues:
    • Ownership and intellectual property regimes
    • Licences (standard public licenses and their compatibility issues; ad hoc licenses and their most common clauses, etc.)

Important dates

Submission of position papers:
15 April 2011
Notification of acceptance:
22 April 2011
Program published:
29 April 2011

Program Committee

  • Jose Manuel Alonso (CTIC)
  • Francois Bancilhon (Mobile Services Initiative and Data Publica)
  • Daniel Dietrich (Open Knowledge Foundation)
  • Margot Dor (ETSI)
  • Renke Fahl-Spiewack (init AG)
  • Jan Franke (Eurocities)
  • Tom Heath (Talis)
  • Katleen Janssen (LAPSI)
  • Eric Legale (Global Cities Dialogue)
  • Federico Morando (NEXA Centre)
  • Giorgio Prister (Major Cities of Europe)
  • Hervé Rannou (ITEMS International)
  • Thomas Roessler (W3C)
  • John L Sheridan (The [UK] National Archives)
  • Juan Soto (Fraunhofer FOCUS)
  • Jean-Baptiste Soufron (Cap Digital)
  • Raphael Troncy (Eurecom/Datalift)
  • Tim Vollmer (Creative Commons)
  • Ton Zijstra (epsiplatform)

Hosting and Venue information

The workshop will be hosted by the European Commission in Brussels on 10/11 May. There will be no fee to participate in the workshop. Reimbursement of travel expenses will not be available.

Organizers and Contact


European Commission Contacts:

  • Richard Swetenham
  • Marta Nagy-Rothenass

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  2. Hello there! Would be great to have clarification if non-EU countries are able to participate. We’re in Norway, and we think we have a few good cases to present to you. Thanks!

  3. Yes, by all means! The workshop is open to participation from all countries.

  4. Hi,

    do I understand correctly – in order to attend the workshop, one needs to submit a position paper? Can one attend the workshop without submitting the position paper? Thank you for your answer!

  5. Generally, position papers are a participation requirement — among other things, we’re building the agenda based on them. If there are specific reasons why you can’t submit one, let’s discuss in e-mail. tlr (at)

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